Golf Cart Batteries
Motolite Golfmaster are deep-cycle batteries that are intended solely for golf-carts use which uses latest technology high performance plates enabling them to withstand frequent and deep charge and discharge cycles.
Forklift & Traction Batteries
Motolite Traction Batteries are antimonial deep-cycle batteries of tubular plate design that ensure high output power to serve requirements of moving industrial equipments / vehicles that carry heavy loads like electric lift trucks or forklifts, ground support equipments, mining equipments, etc.
Stationary Batteries

Industrial battery with unique combination of extra thick positive grids, square plate format and multi-cell construction, with superior performance guaranteed. Maintenance and inspection is particularly easy due to the transparent container marked with minimum and maximum level lines. Designed for the high power requirements of the most demanding uninterruptible power supply systems, ranging from workstations to data centers to large sub-stations and other needs in between.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries

Motolite VRLA are batteries that emit virtually no gas and need no special ventilation because it features a uniquely efficient gas recombination design where oxygen and hydrogen that evolves from the active materials are converted back to water by electrochemical recombination, eliminating the need for watering.

Solarmaster - Deep Cycle Batteries
The solar power battery is designed specifically for solar power installations, particularly those in which it is desirable that maintenance be kept to a minimum. These batteries are capable of high cycling 1/2 in excess of 1,500 cycles to a 50% depth of discharge.
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